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Can the movement to end human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation be marketed? We think the answer is yes.

For those who work daily to end sexual exploitation and human trafficking, its causes and consequences are clear. But how can we get the general public to see what we see? Marketing a Movement, a half-day capacity-building training created by The Voices and Faces Project, was developed to help allies do just that. Created to support those seeking to “think differently” about the power and purpose of marketing and media in social movements, Marketing a Movement has traveled to over fifteen US cities, and trained hundreds of allies. “Marketing a Movement is a must-do for allies seeking to be more effective leaders in the anti-trafficking movement,” notes Shea Rhodes, Director of the Villanova Law Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation, which brought Marketing a Movement to Villanova University in 2017. “What started as a moderated discussion quickly became a critical group dialogue about changing minds, hearts and laws through the power of messaging.” Marketing a Movement has been made possible through our partnership with Brew Advisors, and with the generous support of NoVo Foundation.

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